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Crozier Promise

WE BELIEVE Crozier should provide a strong program of instruction  in all subject areas including the arts and technology; which will prepare students to become productive members of society and provide a basis for lifelong learning.

WE BELIEVE curriculum and instruction should be based on developmentally appropriate learning activities, which provide for individual differences and frequent opportunities for success.

WE BELIEVE responsibility, cultural diversity, and positive relationships enhance  a student's self-esteem.

WE BELIEVE Crozier should actively promote and facilitate regular communication between parents and school regarding student progress.

WE BELIEVE staff, parents, students and community share responsibility for learning within a supportive, challenging and physically safe learning environment.

Why Crozier Middle School?

Educating Above and Beyond Test Scores

At Crozier Middle School we are focused 100% on student improvement, and at Crozier Middle School, your student will learn.

We are dedicated to the philosophy that the constant monitoring of student performance guides our teachers to provide the individual attention that every student needs to learn.

Learning is not an option. When a student shows that help is needed, help is provided. We offer several programs to this end:

  • Lunchtime homework support
  • Before and after school tutoring
  • In-school pullout tutoring
  • Afterschool enrichment through the After School Education and Safety Program (ASES)
  • Tutoring from educational support companies
  • Full support for students whose primary language is not English
  • Full-time credentialed teachers supporting the learning of students with special needs in the regular classroom environment

Mission Statement

Crozier is a dedicated community where all students learn through an integrated, innovative curriculum. Our students will master academic skills and achieve set goals necessary to become productive members of a global society.

Vision Statement

Crozier is a partnership of students, parents, staff and community which will provide each student with a high quality educational program through rigorous curriculum, integrated technology, and visual and peforming arts.

Crozier Advantage
  • 48 Fully Credentialed Teachers
  • Average Class Size: 23 students
  • Art, Music, Theater and Dance
  • Computers, Technology and Tech Crew
  • Journalism and Yearbook
  • State-of-The Art Assessments
  • Speech Therapy
  • Football, Basketball and Soccer
  • Softball and Baseball
  • Multiple Avenues of Support and Intervention
  • Safe and Inviting Learning Environment

Focus on Student Success

The Middle School years are the most critical time for your student's learning . . .

Our relentless goal is to provide high quality instruction, intervention and enrichment perfectly matched to student need. Our new program provides multiple opportunities for our dynamic teaching teams to meet regularly each week to deepen our practice of guiding the strategic process of learning. These meetings (common planning) will result in the deepened practice of student centered learning designed to the clientele.

Our targeted success for all learners plan is rooted in the philosophy that all students can and will learn in a differentiated teaching environment that provides all students the support they need. This support means that student progress will be closely monitored by staff, and adjustments to the learning process will be made based upon the data from that monitoring. Even our school budgets have been adjusted to coincide with our goals!

Once again, on behalf of Team Crozier (staff, students, parents, community), we welcome you and invite you to join us as we embark upon a steep trajectory towards the top.

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About Crozier
At Crozier Middle School where no child is left behind, we are committed to educating every child. Learning is Crozier Middle School's Number One priority.

Crozier is a traditional 6th, 7th, and 8th grade middle school located in the downtown Inglewood Civic Center. Crozier is surrounded by the Inglewood City Hall, the Inglewood Police Department, the County Court Building, the County Fire Department, and the Inglewood Public Library.

The Crozier campus is a new two-story complex over 40 classrooms, science and computer labs, Band room, 600 seat auditorium and music complex, gymnasium with locker rooms, and a cafeteria with outdoor seating. The complex also includes a multimedia lab, speech center, conference rooms, and administrative and counseling offices.

Outdoor ammenities include an amphiteater, two softball fields, a soccer/football field, and basketball courts.

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