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November  12,  2009
Meeting Called to Order:  3:10 p.m.
Meeting Adjourned:  5:30 p.m.

The Crozier School Site Council Meeting was called to order by the council president. Roll was called and a quorum number was present. Mr. Gamet informed the council that the minutes from the previous council meeting were not ready for the council's review. Tonight's meeting agenda was approved by Mr. Howard and Mrs. Davis.


Mr. Howard presented the principal's report:

•a)     Standards Plus Program visit. The hope is that a future off-campus visit can be planned which will allow a Crozier team to visit a school who has had positive results from using the Standards Plus Program

•b)     Crozier staff members present at the Standards Plus presentation were Mr. Howard, Ms. Johnson, Mr. Boykins, Dr. Torres, and Ms. Capwell.

•c)      The QEIA Committee is meeting to start a Design Plan Committee for the purpose of setting up an Intervention Program for the failing students.


The council president brought up the problem brought up the problem that the assigned council secretary was not present to write tonight's council minutes.

Ms. Binion did volunteer to write down the minutes for tonight's council meeting. The council members did feel that an inquiry needs to be made in order to determine why the student member who is assigned to this task was not present. The council member promised to speak to the student and report back concerning her continued availability to be the council secretary.


Coordinator's Report

•a)     We are out of compliance because we do not have enough Bi-lingual aides for our student population. The Single Site plan calls for two (2) full-time Bi-lingual aides and at this current time there is only one who is working on a part-time basis. The Crozier staff will be allowed to have some feedback in the hiring of these future staff members.

•b)     All required testing scores are up to date and are current at this time. The testing needs of students with minor disabilities have also been addressed.


Student's Report

•a)     The vending machines are not very stable and shake too much. At times the monies have come back to the buyer, along with the products that the students are trying to purchase. Crozier students have been observed stealing the drinks by reaching under the bottom of the vending machines. The council was reminded that ASB can earn up to $400.00 a month from the profits of the vending machines. A question was asked is there a way to make these machines more stable and less tamper proof. It was reported to council members that more students were going to class now than had been in previous months.



Crozier Student Intervention Program

The question was asked whether the program would be academic or behavior? Mr. Rhoads indicated that he would like both components to be considered.

Mr. Rhoads suggested that the bell schedule hand-out be brought to the attention of the faculty. He also asked whether the Sarge Program could be addressed at tonight's meeting. The discussion that followed brought up the point that there were still some un-answered questions that the school site council would have to address. Mrs. Davis asked that this matter be tabled for now. The new up-coming Design Plan Committee will be given the task of coming up with interventions and suggestions that would help our Crozier students.


Mrs. Decker reported that the QEIA Leadership Committee has asked to increase the number of QEIA Committee members from 7 to 10 persons. The council did raise the following questions:

•1.      What have been the concerns and issues of the QEIA Committee in this school year?

•2.      How often has the committee been meeting and what are the expectations of this committee?

•3.      Mr. Howard asked what is the work product that is being produced that warrants the need for an increase in the size of the committee.


A request was made that the minutes from previous QEIA committee meetings be brought to the next school site council meeting in December. The council did also request that a representative from the QEIA committee be present and share this information.


It was mentioned that the available funds for QEIA this year have been increased by more than $700,000 due to monies that have not been spent in the previous years. It was recommended that the QEIA Committee's request to increase the number of its members be tabled until the next meeting. This motion was made by the council president and seconded by Mr. Rhoads. The council members want to review the minutes of the committee meetings that the QEIA Committee

have had this school year. Ms. Decker did suggest that if possible the previous QEIA meeting minutes be made available to the school site council members two (2) days before the council meeting is scheduled to meet.


Mrs. Decker also reminded the committee of the past problems when school site council members were absent and the problem of not having the required quorum number in order to proceed. She asked that consideration be given to a By-Law amendment that would limit the number of un-excused absences by school site council members in any given school year to be no more than three (3). The questions were asked:  What is the current wording in the By-laws on this issue that we wish to change? It was mentioned that in the previous school year two (2) monthly school site council meetings and certain special call meetings were not able to take place due to the low number of members in attendance. Certain Action Items were forced to be tabled. Mr. Rhoads was asked to come up with a better wording for this issue, and to please check the current by-Laws.


The issue of alternate voting members was also tabled for this meeting. Mrs. Decker did recommend that the council approve the purchase of an electronic recorder to be used in school committee meetings. The purchase could not exceed $500.00.  The motion was made by Mrs. Davis and seconded by Mr. Rhoads. This motion was passed.            


The next School Site Council meeting will be on Thursday, December 10, 2009.


Respectfully submitted,             



Mery Binion

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