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School Site Council Meeting Minutes

December 13, 2007

Date of Meeting: December 13, 2007

Location: Crozier Library

Participants at Meeting: R. Simpson(Principal), Mayra Tellez (teacher), Davina Mills (teacher), Deborah Decker (teacher), Aba Ngissah (teacher), Triphona Dahl (student), Jesus Gutierrez (student), Shanice Spencer (student), Beth Anne Baker (teacher), Maria Zepeda (Parent), Estephanie Gomez (student - alternate), J. Rhodes (teacher)

Not Present: Irma Altstaetter (School Counselor), Monica Hernandez (parent), Maria Madrigal Chavez (Parent),  Steve Donahue (Asst Principal), Drew Gamet (teacher), A. Jean Snowden (Program Coordinator), Josephina Gallegos (parent), Grace Turner (Parent)


Starting Time: 3:12 PM

Ending Time:  4:23 PM

Submitted By: Beth Anne Baker


The meeting was called to order by Ms. Davina Mills, Vice Chairperson, at 3:121 P.M.


Pledge of Allegiance held


II Approval of Agenda 


Mrs. Decker brought up a concern and passed out an addition to the agenda (see attached).  She had tried to add this to the agenda but was not clear who to bring this item to. Since, Mr. Donahue(Chairperson) was absent, she turned to the QEIA Coordinator, Mr. Drew Gamet. Mrs. Decker said that Mr. Gamet suggested she ask for this item to be added as a revision to the agenda at this time.  The council turned to Mr. Rhoads for advice. He said that any agenda item needed to be added by 72 hours prior to the meeting according to the "Brown Act" which precedes the Roberts Rules of Order. Mrs Decker and Ms. Ngissah explained the need for a procedure for getting items added to the agenda.  Ms.Ngissah suggested a form be created to do so.

Ms. Mills, Vice Chairperson determined that this issue could be lengthy and complicated and should be added as an agenda item at the next meeting. Mrs. Decker and Ms Ngissah explained that

Motion to approve agenda: Mr. Simpson

M. Zepada moved to second the motion.


II  Approval of minutes ( missed when secretary Beth Anne Baker went to retrieve the minutes from her classroom)

III  Principals Report by Mr. Simpson:

 *Professional Learning Communities~ Mr. Simpson sees this as important for student learning because students would benefit from teachers sharing and planning together.  One teacher's strengths could be learned from and students could benefit with a teacher who is learning form their peers.

*Our attendance is at 96.8%

*Our Crozier Football team just defeated Parent in the

*We have a school holiday dance on Fri Dec 14 at 2:30-4:00 PM

*Our holiday break is Dec 20, 2007- Jan 6, 2008. Mr. Simpson wishes everyone a wonderful holiday.

*We have an up and running website designed by Mr. Rhodes, Crozier Technology teacher. We will have a page link on this site for the School Site Council. We will have a website committee. The website is .

*Our Parent Center is now in N114

*Student Assistance has been moved to E106

*IUSD plans to move to full inclusion of RSP students next year.


VI  Action Items:

1)Approve QEIA budget move to next meeting (a student member needed to leave so did not have a quorum

2) Amend School Site Council Bylaws moved to next meeting- MOTION APPROVED

3) Set School Site Council calendar for the remainder of the 2007-2008 school year- Can we move the meeting day to the 2nd Thursday of each month? Can we hold meeting at 3:30PM instead of 3:00 PM?  This would be an amendment to the Bylaws.


VII Discussion Items:

1) Discuss meeting procedures:

      *If any member would like to add an agenda item they must have this to the chairperson by Friday at 2:30PM the week before the meeting- This should be added to the bylaws. Mr. Donahue's email is  .  Send email and give hard copy to him.

      *Ms. Ngissah suggested we use the Webster' s version of Robert's Rules of Order.


2) Funds for meeting food?  The student who asked for this discussion item could not attend the meeting because she had to much homework.


VIII Announcements and Communications:

1) Mr. Simpson signed up a group of members and other interested teachers to a SCHOOL SITE COUNCIL training on 1/22/2008 9 AM to 12PM at the Carson Community Center.  Teachers must call in their own substitute.



IX  Future Agenda Items for JANUARY 10, 2008 MEETING:

1) Website page link for School Site Council

2) Training for Robert's Rules of Order

3) Concern about members that have run for School Site Council and are not attending meetings. We need to encourage them more because this council is serious and has the power to make positive change in our school culture.

4)Phone tree needed- Mr. Donahue has the info for this?

5)Ms. Ngissah suggests that we need to increase the student involvement in the meetings.  E. Gomez was the only student left. M. Zepeda explained to her that the meetings may be boring but you can learn something from them. The student members are the voice of the student body.  They can find out what the students want.

We should let students report first.

6)QEIA Committee approval and pay approval

7)School Site Council approval of Teacher Training for Professional Learning Communities training for department chairs.


X  Adjournment:


Motion: R. Simpson

Second: M. Zepeda

Adjournment Time: 4:23 PM










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