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Meeting Minutes

March 17, 2008 


I.          CALL TO ORDER

             The Continuation from Feb 28th, 2008 meeting called  at 3:58 PM.


            Roll Call



Steve Donahue - Presiding Officer (Assistant Principal)



Davina Mills - Vice-Presiding Officer (Teacher)



Beth Anne Baker - Secretary (Teacher)



Randolph Simpson (Principal)



Mayra Tellez (Teacher)



Aba Ngissah (Teacher)



Deborah Decker (Teacher)



Irma Soto-Altataetter (Counselor)



Monica Hernandez (Parent)



Maria Madrigal Chavez  (Parent)



Josefina Gallegos (Parent)



Grace Turner (Parent)



Maria Zepeda (Parent)



Imani Bradford (Student)



Triphona Dahl (Student)



Jesus Gutierrez (Student)



Shanice Spencer (Student)



Pledge of Allegiance  held. 

•II.                  APPROVAL OF AGENDA

 Move to approve agenda: Ms. Mills.

Motion: M: Zepeda

2nd: M. Decker



 Minutes from February 28, 2008 meeting


Motion:  R. Simpson

No Objection- Approved________




A. Principal's Report by Randolph Simpson:

Over 200 teachers laid off from district. State Superintendent was here having a press conference. We are not sure yet what is going to happen. In a meeting with Dr. Powell, she said that they will make every effort to not cut arts and  sports.  We don't know what is going to happen.

Question asked about QEIA.

Mr. Gamet: There is nothing to preclude the state from doing something illegal.

One thing that would impact QEIA in our school is class size reduction obligation.


What is it we can do?  Write letters from us and our students to our state politicians.


B. Student Report

Girls Bathrooms have been messy and locked frequently.  Seat covers have clogged toilets.  One of the boys said there is no running water.

Mr. Simpson will have "Teresa" go in hourly.









  1. APPROVE amendment to SSC Bylaws: QUORUM

Ms. Mills introduced this.

Ms. Ngissah: Concern that we get bylaws worked out and not just "band-aid" the bylaws. 

Approval: Ms Decker

2nd: M. Zepeda

All in Favor: MS. Ngissah ABSTAINS

  1. Adopt Parliamentarian Authority

This has been tabled.

Can we adopt a Robert's Rules of Orders edition quickly?

We need to amend this for next meeting with an amendment to action plan with book price.

  1. Approve list of people who will participate on QEIA Leadership Team for the remainder of the 2007-2008 school year

Ms. Decker: If a member misses two meetings in a row they will not be on the team.

Ms. Ngissah: We were going to to tell them at the faculty meeting.

Ms. Decker: Names not on here?  I move to approve this list and addnames and correct misspellings.

M. Zepeda: 2nd

M. Zepeda: How do the teachers qualify for this?

M. Mills: SSC Members, Dept Chairs, and a time commitment.



  1. Approve additional 40 hours per member of QEIA Leadership fpr payment of services at hourly rate   

Mr. Simpson: We were only approved originally for 6 hrs each but we need more time to get everything done.

Ms. Ngissah:  Is this 40 hrs. on top of the approved 40 hrs?  Mr Gamet had a paper to say 40 hrs was already approved.

Ms. Mills: There were amendments needing to happen: names and where funding was coming from.


Mr. Rhoads: It would need to be approved with wording changed.

A discussion of whether these approved would get retro pay.


So, there is a total of 46 hours approved for each person.

Ms. Ngissah: I move that we accept the 46 hours with any adjustments made to plan.



•1.      Report from Single Plan Amendment Process Meeting:

Mr. Gamet submitted timeline from SPAP meeting.

Mr. Simpson: We are going to begin this tomorrow at the faculty meeting.

Ms. Soto: We can discuss this more at QEIA Leadership after getting faculty opinion.

•2.     Protocol for submission of approval items to the Board of Education:  For board approval you must have the item submitted 2 weeks prior to board meeting.

•3.     Start Evaluation and working on SSP:  Ties in to #1

Ms. Mills: WE have to watch the timeline

M. Zepeda: As a parent, it is hard to make sense of what you (rest of committee) are talking about. We (parents) try to take away from the meetings, what we can.  As long as you have the students in mind, I respect the teachers. I don't think they should be the ones affected by the budget cuts.  We need to work on the parents with these cuts.  Things will get worse.

Mr. Simpson: I have gone to the PTA for help.

Ms. Decker: If parents could develop their own list/schedule for helping.

M. Zepeda: With these cuts things will get worse (safety)

Mr. Simpson:  We need all stakeholders involved in this school

Ms. Decker:  Again, we need a schedule and give them a choice time.

Mr. Rhoads: Don't give them a choice time.

M. Zepeda:  How can we get them (parents) in?  Attitude toward parents is affecting it.  They need to feel good coming in& the staff and teachers have to be nice and supportive.

Mr. Simpson: Customer service skills

Ms. Ngissah:  Food can bring them in.

M. Zepeda: Kids need their parents in school. I am going to get on the PTA

Ms. Soto: Yes, she is deciding where she can make the best use of her time.

M. Zepeda: Things are bad                                               


•4.     Student Concern Discussion

There was a girls assembly to discuss this.  There is STILL arguing.  I don't think things have changed.

M. Zepeda: Kids don't get tickets here if they miss class like at IHS. It is not taken seriously.

Ms. Soto talked about what happened in Bellflower if they missed class, when she worked there.






Ms. Mills: Any objection to ADJOURNMENT?   Hearing none, THE MEETING IS ADJOURNED  


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